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A student from June Jordan School for Equity looking through a foldoscope while visiting Jasper Ridge
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Lifelong Learning

Learners of all ages can build knowledge and potential at Stanford. Whether your goal is career advancement, college readiness, or a more balanced life, our resources support your journey.

Empty arched walkway common throughout Stanford's campus

Professional Development

Learn from our expert faculty as you grow your knowledge in your professional sphere or prepare to pivot into a new career. Stanford's schools of business, education, engineering, humanities and sciences, law, medicine, and sustainability are open to you.

An Asian woman in a mask and a lab coat points at vials next to a young Black student in a lab

From Pre-K to College

Stanford offers a wide range of programs, classes, and internships, as well as an entire online high school. Our world-class faculty challenge young people to explore and achieve—through STEM research, internationally focused courses, and arts experiences.

A small group of people sit outside talking under blooming spring trees

Learning for Exploration and Enrichment

No matter where you live or work, and no matter your age or life stage, Stanford offers learning experiences that feed your curiosity, help you in the search for meaning, and empower you to engage in the big questions and better understand the world. 

Web Accessibility

Stanford University is committed to providing an online environment that is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. 

Having trouble accessing any of this content due to a disability? Learn more about accessibility at Stanford and report accessibility issues